Business Growth & Brand Consulting

Part of our unique process in the Business Consulting side is our Discovery Session. Growing a business is a lot like the Space Shuttle Discovery… it takes enormous amounts of preparation, energy and resources to launch but once you get going, you can break through into another universe you’ve never experienced before! Our Discovery Session is the preparation, the Business Intelligence gathering process that is needed to design a success strategy which will be the fuel for your business. I encourage you to trust us… you’ll be glad you did.

To prepare for this high-valued time together, we need to conduct a Discovery Assessment with you and your top executive/leadership team to gain a thorough understanding of how your business works, your company goals and growth plan, your target audience, your marketing systems, technologies you utilize in marketing and more. Many of our clients learn new things about their business through the Discovery Session. We have specific questions that we ask that will help us elicit specific business intelligence.

Below is a link to our Discovery Session Questionnaire. Please complete this form in its entirety in preparation for our meeting. We suggest allocating approximately 30 minutes to complete this.

You Ready to Go BIG? Let's Roll! Please CLICK HERE to start the questionnaire!