Video Marketing & SEO

The Arsenal Of All Online Internet Marketing Campaigns

In a digital marketing strategy, video content is a powerful weapon.

Video Search Engine Optimization involves a series of steps taken on both your video channel and website to push your video content up the search rankings for desired keywords. The most riveting aspect of a video is quite possibly the value of the content you add to your website. Regardless of the length of your video, if your content is engaging, your viewers are more likely to watch through to the end. The last thing publishers want is to invest in great video content but not have it be seen. Nothing works as well for SEO as creating good, unique, and valuable content.

Here is a great example of a Video Review Commercial – a great way to engage your audience with Video while promoting a 5-star experience to prospects!

Placing In The Top Few Search Engine Results

You must have your best strategy to rank better on the search engines results. Placing in the top few search engine results is priceless. To gain search engine visibility, content should be engaging for both people and search engines alike. Videos can help content gain visibility in search engine results, but only if you take the time to optimize them. Videos are usually among the top items listed in Google search results. An important component of video SEO is analyzing your video statistics to make sure you are engaging your viewers and attracting the right people to your website.

Effective Ways Of Promoting Your Business Online

In many cases, a company’s website is the first impression a potential customer has of a business. You need potential customers to visit your page, buy your products and services and return for more. Unless your company shows up highly ranked in searches, your potential clients are not finding you. Looking to attract new customers to your business, video marketing is your new option. Video is a great way to enrich your content marketing strategy.

The Video Title Tag

The YouTube page where your video is posted is just like any landing page or website. Since YouTube is going to dictate how the page is built architecturally, that leaves you with opportunities to improve the on-page content that boosts the link popularity of the page. Doing so could be the difference of your site landing on page one, or page does not matter. The title must be well optimized, eye-catchy and informative, so that users feel to click on that. Videos need to reside on your site, ideally on a unique page whose Title tag matches the video title.

Multiple Social Media Accounts

One of the most valuable distribution channels is social media. Video is a popular and easy to consume media, which makes it ideal for generating backlinks. After carefully producing, posting and curating video content, you now have a secret weapon to drive video discovery. Video is the single most shared form of media, which makes it an exceptional tool to take your content viral. The key is to maximize whatever tool you are using. You’ve invested in your video content; do not let a poor video experience take away from that.

Driving High Quality Traffic To A Website

Video SEO not only adds engagement to your website, but it also helps increase your SEO content and keyword enrichment. By adding the transcripts to your video posts, search engines can easily pick up on the keywords and increase your search ranking higher on the page. When posting a video, make sure you add the transcripts and keywords to boost your video SEO campaign. YouTube has a user-friendly interface to help users easily add the transcripts and meta descriptions to each posted video. Meta description is a brief summary of your video. It also allows viewers to share videos across social media to help initiate more traffic to your website. A video is 3x more likely to be shared than text.

Organic Search Engine Results

Video SEO is the best way to provide relevant information and connect with your website visitors. New visitors to the website TRIPLED from one month to the next for average users who continually posted fresh video content with keyword optimization. Once you see how easy and powerful using Complete Video SEO is, you will be able to duplicate your success very quickly. Over the past few years, online videos have become extremely popular.

Brands Willing To Implement Video For SEO

All the various views add up to help your video in rankings. The more votes your site has, the better your rankings will be. Brands willing to mix up traditional SEO marketing with videos will see an influx of website visitors because people love fresh content. The average person is three times more likely to watch a video than to read text. Your users will enjoy visiting your site and, when done correctly, your video SEO campaign will encourage your visitors to share your videos throughout social media.

The Foundation Of A Proper Video SEO Strategy

A SEO strategy is essential for the success of a business website. The foundation of a proper video SEO strategy is to create a proper home for your video content. When a fully optimized website is launched with an effective SEO strategy, it is likely to rank highest for the targeted keywords.

Viewers On An Emotional Level

The web is changing how people and businesses communicate with each other. Videos allow viewers to connect with your business on a more personal level. Seeing someone speak about your business inspires trust and confidence in your services. Use videos to relate to your clients and push an emotionally-based message about why they need your services.

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